The group of companies of  Ventus are focused primarily on the development and wind park project management. For several successful years of experience we managed to become a preferred partner in the design, development, construction, commissioning and management of wind farms around Europe.
The main objective since our establishment has been investing in clean wind energy production to contribute to ensuring of sustainable environment and a greener future for our children. All our efforts, knowledge and experience are focused on providing a high quality service in the field of wind and solar energy - from location of suitable sites to full development, construction, commissioning and maintenance of the wind or solar park.
Thus, with care for the nature, we not only successfully realize the investments of our clients and our own, but also contribute to protection of the environment.

Collaboration with VENTUS and personally with Mr. Anatoly Linkov was excellent and characterized by consistency and high end professionalism not only during the transaction but also after the sale.

- Giorgos Spyrou - Terna Energy

The reputation Ventus Iberia S.L builds and the philosophy that we day-by-day follow in our work, is of a provider of quality services with high added value.

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