Consultant and negotiations services in the project acquisition of a 6.6MW wind energy project close to Oulu.
The group of companies of Ventus are focused primarily on the development and wind park project management. For several successful years of experience we managed to become a preferred partner in the design, development, construction, commissioning and management of wind farms around Europe.
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Ventus worked as a consultant in acquisition of Etelänkylä 2 x WTG project in Kalajoki, Finland. During this acquisition process, we worked closely with Mr. Anatoly Linkov. As a selling party and seen from other side of the table, we can consider Anatoly’s participation on our site evaluation and contract negotiations highly professional, allowing us to save time on the process. We found mutual trust during our own process and I could recommend Ventus as a partner also for further business development.

Kalle Sivill
Mananging Director, Winda Power Oy