Our large experience covers the full process from a site location to commissioning and operation. The long experience in negotiations’ process on each stage including project or land right acquisition, environmental studies, wind measuring campaigns, wind turbine selection, bank finance, construction and operation, feed in tariff PPAs, and recently corporate PPAs, turnkey project transactions are some of our areas of expertise.


Ventus provides the entire services’ portfolio in the countries we are present for development of your renewable project – from land acquisition, wind studies, environment studies, construction to commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Wind and site assessment

The right approach in finding the answers of where and how to place your wind or solar park could save you the big hassle in the development stage. We could support you with profound analysis during:
  • » Defining of wind potential areas
  • » Location of suitable land plots
  • » Evaluation of project feasibility
  • » Purchase or lease of land with suitable size

Project consulting

We offer support on each stage of the project, including negotiations with project developers, financial institutions and wind turbine manufacturers
  • » Financial evaluation of project feasibility
  • » Project or land right acquisition
  • » Bank finance
  • » Feed in tariff PPAs and recently corporate PPAs
  • » Turnkey project transactions
  • » Environmental studies
  • » Wind measuring campaigns
  • » Wind turbines selection
  • » Technical due diligence
  • » Construction and operation
  • » Vision over market development trends

Elaboration of full project documentation

Having the long term and extensive experience on different markets we could fully support you in the elaboration of certain milestone steps from your project or take a closer follow up on the whole development stage of your wind and solar projects. We could supply the following services adopted to each separate market where we operate:
  • » Detailed Zoning Plans, Cable Route Plans and Road Plans
  • » Environmental Impact Assessment Reports
  • » Grid applications, studies and grid connection agreements
  • » Electro technical projects
  • » Retrieval of necessary licenses
  • » Aviation permits
  • » Geological report
  • » Geodesy
  • » Foundation projects
  • » Health and safety project
  • » Any locally oriented project development services depending on each specific market until the project reaches “ready to be built” stage

Environmental studies and reports

Everybody who has developed even a single wind energy project knows that following the right, strict but innovative steps in preparing your environmental studies is crucial for the development time frame of every project. We, throughout internal and external market oriented consultants, could support you in the following steps of your environmental studies:
  • » Bird monitoring campaigns and reports
  • » Bat monitoring campaigns and reports
  • » Impact on the atmospheric air quality
  • » Impact on surface and underground waters
  • » Generated Waste
  • » Noise load
  • » Ground and Soils
  • » Flora and Fauna
  • » Disruption to Landscape
  • » Impact on Human Health
  • » Public discussions with authorities, municipalities and population

Technical and financial due diligence reports

A key to your successful acquisition of the project is always the professional technical and financial due diligence made on time. Based on our development and ownership experience we pay high attention to every single detail in verifying any third party wind or solar project. Our expertise could be useful in full project due diligence reports or only in separate parts of them as follows:
  • » Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • » Foundations
  • » Grid connection projects and agreements
  • » Access and site roads. Crane pads. Traffic organization plan
  • » Geological surveys
  • » Elaboration and proofing of financial project cycle financial reports

Project management and supervision throughout construction phase

Careful and profound planning makes the construction of your project an easy step to fulfill. We could support you, as follows:
  • » Planning and preparation of construction
  • » Tender procedures, evaluations of offers, negotiations with contractors
  • » Construction management
  • » Technical supervision
  • » Health and safety on-site coordination
  • » Quality control

Daily and hourly weather and production forecasting services for wind farms

Having the right weather and production forecast for your wind or solar project becomes more and more significant with all renewable projects operating on subsidy free market mechanisms and under merchant or corporate PPA conditions. Balancing costs could also be reduced significantly with the right self-learning weather and power prediction software. We could provide you with the following services for your wind or solar project:
  • » Hourly and daily weather forecasts
  • » Hourly and daily power production forecasts
  • » Self-learning software model
  • » Reducing balancing responsibility costs
  • » Carefully planning of scheduled maintenance activities
  • » Monthly weather, predicted and measured production, balancing and other wind farm detailed analysis and development of strategies

Over the past few years in a collaboration with Ventus, a strong partner for the development, construction and operation of wind farms has proved to me that Ventus aspires to best possible outcome for all parties involved in the wind power projects. The management and employees of Ventus are motivated by a strong competence, experience and supporting the protection of our climate.

Marko Salmela - ENERCON